Foreign Language Courses


If you have ever wanted to speak a foreign language but were unsure where to start, here is a great opportunity. We offer private, one-on-one language tutoring in Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and Dutch. Receive quality instruction from an experienced native speaker. And best of all, all classes are tailored to your needs. You tell us your learning objective, how many classes per week (or month) and the length of the entire course.

Your instructor can meet you at a location that’s convenient to you. All levels are welcome (beginner, intermediate, advanced and beyond), plus it’s a great way to get some practice if you just want to perfect your skill. If desired, immersion activities are also included (such as visits to embassy events) so you can see just how much you’ve learned! Contact us today for more information.
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We will soon be introducing our new Spanish Language Acquisition Program. Based on personal experience which has resulted in success, this is a one-of-a-kind exploration into the process of language acquisition techniques to prepare you for formal language learning. This exciting program explores the reasons why kids pick up a language so easily while adults have more challenges. In our 2.5 month workshop, our instructor provides you with the tools needed to acquire the Spanish language as a child does, learning the language in a natural way. This is a virtual learning opportunity with four lectures via video conference and a PLS training booklet to guide you. The aim of the course is to first enable you to understand Spanish fluently spoken by a native speaker and then for you to also speak fluently within a short time. Contact us for more information!


Parlons Français!, ¡Hablemos Español!, 日本語を 話しましょう!